Sir Write-A-Lot

Sword stuck in a stone? – No worries, we will get it out. In the end, the pen is always mightier than the sword.

Since 2001, Dialog Designs has produced hundreds of advertorials, articles and other content for various media. The company’s forte lies in producing corporate profiles which use journalistic means to deliver the message of the customer company.

Sir Think-A-Lot

Not every arrow finds its mark even for a native speaker – and foreign tongue is trickier still.

You need somebody to build bridges from one culture to another, somebody to find the missing link and right angle. Dialog Designs prides itself on its ambitious, international marketing planning which opens all doors and windows into the world.

Sir Consult-A-Lot

Sometimes it is hard to see from under the helmet. For example, how can you be convinced that your company’s product or service will be able to stand its ground in a tough competitive market?

An outsider’s perspective may be useful in a situation where the core competence of the company is something other than communications. As the communications procedures of the company are upgraded, both the content and the form are re-energized.

Sir Translate-A-Lot

“No such thing as a free lance.”

Dialog Designs masters traditional ”paper” translating, audiovisual translating and the highly demanding webcasting translating. We move from source language to target language without compromising the message.

The cultural competences of Dialog Designs focus on Finnish and English, but thanks to a highly competent partner network, the company has realised also projects in Russian, German, Swedish and French.