The King is dead! Long live the King!

The year was 1996. Bill Gates gave his famous ”content is king” speech and the script for the future appeared to be complete.

But by now, it is clear that the Internet is a raging river in flood. According to IBM, as much as 90% of all existing knowledge which has been created by mankind has been produced during the last two years.

The Age of Content is over. The issue we now need to address is meaning.

Dialog Designs is an active player in the field of multilingual content production, high-lighting significance and meaning every step of the way. We provide our customers with high-level international communications expertise, making sure that the messages are heard loud and clear – and remembered for a good long time.

Call it content production – with edge.

Get to know our Knights’ Fellowship that is always on a quest for the Holy Grail of the Information Age – meaning.