Dialog Designs is a small family business which has networks far and wide.

Driving all operations, there is the core idea of communications as a dialog, and fervent desire to boost that interaction – between cultures and people and also companies and their customers.


The primus motor of the company is Sami J. Anteroinen, M.A. He has written for various publications since 1988 and knows how to harness various registers and styles to contact with an audience. Sami’s strong suite is the effortless swan dive into both language and culture.

A journalist, copywriter, consultant, trainer and translator, Sami is a multitalent of the multilingual.

Sami’s grasp of the corporate world was further enhanced by his stint in a Helsinki PR agency, where he served as a Communications Consultant in charge of several high-profile clients (2004-2005). In 2006, Sami served as the Editor of Business Finland magazine. During 2007-2011, he was the Editor-in-Chief of three magazines published by PubliCo Ltd: NORDICUM - Scandinavian Business Magazine, NORDICUM Russia and PROINTERIOR. Currently, Sami is a senior contributor for PubliCo’s publications.

Sami also writes for other publishing houses, such as Sanoma Magazines and OtavaMedia, for high-profile corporate media (with end customers such as Nokia, Kone, Konecranes, Uponor, Metsä Group, Outokumpu, Wärtsilä). He has also produced ads, brochures, video scripts and been involved in numerous concept design projects.

Sami has also written an SME’s guide to Russian markets (2nd edition in 2014) and a six children’s books (The Supernatural Natural History 1-6).


The unflinching anchor of the family enterprise is Reeta Anteroinen, M.A., BBA.

This versatile Russian expert has been involved in making unique webcasting productions, magazines and books. Reeta also has plenty of expertise from tourism & travel. Reeta is in charge of the company’s fiscal administration and IT.